Why should you go for facial?

1. Find out early if something is wrong.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure! Going for regular facials is like going for regular checkups. Your therapist will be able to detect what wrong and how best to treat your skin problems. At professional facial salons like Fresver, we also have specialized apparatus and technology that can analyse deep under the surface layers of your skin. As a result, we are able to target and prevent potential skin problems even before they happen!

2. Pop pimples the right way.

Popping your pimples incorrectly could push bacteria deeper in, causing even more problems. Think of going for facials as seeing a professional pimple popper – nothing will go wrong and that irritating spot is guaranteed to be removed thoroughly. Your facial therapist will also ensures that tools used are always properly sanitized to prevent the spread of bacteria around your face.

3. They give great, customized and in-depth skincare advice

Why buy products based on advertisements or fancy retail displays when you can have a professional analyse and recommend and tailor a program specifically for your skin? Besides, your skin is constantly changing according to age, hormones or the environment. Going for facial ensures that your current skin care regime is always kept up to date!

4. Give your skin a through cleanse

Facial Salons are able to cleanse and exfoliate your skin on a deeper level compared to homecare products. This step is extremely crucial because clogged skin causes breakouts and prevents precious nutrients from products, from reaching your skin!

5. It is VERY enjoyable and relaxing

Excluding the extraction bits, facial treatments are a pampering way to reward yourself with some me-time, or to bring along a companion for a bonding session. With a combination of eye, face and shoulder massages, facial sessions at Fresver Beauty are absolutely divine. Your skin will be left feeling soft and supple, refreshed and rejuvenated.