Fresver Eyebrow Embroidery

Redefine your facial features with a set of eyebrows designed according to the golden intersection of face morphology. A product of extensive research and technique development, our Signature Eyebrow Embroidery uses a set of sterile equipment to administer natural pigments onto the epidermis for semi-permanent make-up with minimal procedure pain. With a combination of our misty brow technique and carefully microbladed strand-by-strand strokes in varying depth and thickness, a set of naturally beautiful brows is created. Fresver Eyebrow Embroidery is done by our specialist with over 13 years experience.


Types of Brows

Misty Brow Embroidery: A delicate misty powder design to fill in sparse areas for a naturally radiant made-up look.

3D Misty Brow Embroidery: A mix of fine hair-like strokes and powder design for naturally defined brows.

6D Signature Misty Brow Embroidery: An arrangement of multiple fine hair-like strokes with varying thickness and depth that resembles real, beautifully defined natural brows.

Monica Ink Pigment

The Monica brand was founded in year 2000 after 16 years of research and development by dermatologist Dr. Bertand Monica in France. After selective harvest of plant botanics, micro-particle colour pigments are carefully extracted and developed to produce high quality professional permanent makeup. The Monica pigments developed through this process are 100% natural, organic and safe. With high concentration of pigments within, the Monica ink offers superior colour retention and is more vibrant and lasting.



Eyeliner & Lip Embroidery

Fresver also provides eyeliner and lip embroidery services using the same high-grade quality ink pigments for lasting results. Wake up naturally beautiful with rosy lips and well-defined eyes today!