Balancing Lotion

A facial cleansing lotion with an astringent and matting effect that gently exfoliates to promote skin renewal. Result is evident through improvement in overall skin topography.

Key Ingredients (Paraben-free):

Extracts of Burdock, Biotin and Zinc:

Effectively reduces the production of sebum while mattifying oily skin with dilated pores and comedones.

Mixture of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (Citric, Tartaric, Malic, Lactic and Glycolic Acids):

The combination of these AHA acids triggers excellent skin renewal, leaving it brighter, silkier and more velvety.


Promotes skin renewal and improves skin topography.

Skin Types:

Combination and Oily skin


Apply lotion on clean skin that is free of make-up using cotton balls, starting from the chin to forehead and corners of the mouth. Thereafter, apply BALANCE Hydro Balance.