Balance Cleansing Mousse

A cleaning mousse with excellent sebum – regulating, moisturising and skin conditioning properties that gently removes makeup, impurities and excess oil without irritating the skin. Its liquid texture transforms into soft foam that provides thorough cleansing while maintaining the skin’s hydration, providing a matte and velvety appearance.

Key Ingredients (Paraben-free):

Di C12/13 Alkyl Malate:

An effective skin-conditioning emollient

Mipa Laureth Sulfate:

Provides effective surfactant cleansing

Cocamidopropyl Betaine:

An allergen that has antiseptic properties.


Regulates sebum production, moisturises and conditions skin.

Skin Types:

Normal and Dry skin


Place an amount, the size of a golf ball, on the palm. Spread the product, lather on the face and neck working in a circular motion to remove any remaining make-up or impurities with plenty of water.