5 tips to enhance your looks without plastic surgery

1) VX3 Facials for V shaped face

You don’t always have to go for jaw reduction to get a V shaped face! If you’re only looking for slight improvements in your face shape, consider Fresver’s latest VX3 facial instead! At merely a fraction of the cost, this painless and non-invasive facial treatment will “melt” away facial fat and tighten skin for a more lifted V shape face. This is especially useful a day or two before an important event or photoshoot! 🙂

2) Eyelash Extension, Eyeliner and eyebrow embroidery

Have you ever wondered why bloggers often look picture perfect in their #nomakeup selfies? This is all thanks to the triple Es! With fluttery eyelash extensions, semi-permanent eyeliner and full brows, wake up beautiful every morning (literally)! Pssst… Plus as an added bonus – you get to sleep-in longer every morning because you no longer have to waste time on make up!

3) Circle lenses

Circle lenses can make your eyes look 3 times bigger instantly! In countries such as Taiwan, Japan and Korea, you can find circle lenses being sold at every corner of the street! This well-loved beauty tip is truly the key to big, bright and dazzling eyes.

4) Brighter, smoother complexion skin

The most fundamental step towards a more beautiful you, lies in a flawless, silky-smooth complexion. Allow Fresver Beauty to help you there with our Hydra Perfect Facial Treatment. A proud winner of Singapore Women’s Weekly 2016, this 3-in-1 treatment targets your skin problems to give you luminous skin that glows!

5) Permanent hair removal

Soft-silky skin is a must-have, especially for girls! Get rid of your unwanted body hair with Fresver’s PTF plus technology. An upgrade from traditional IPL, PTF technology is able to remove hair even faster and more efficiently. No more painful waxing sessions or troublesome shaving!