04 Brightening Code

Aging coupled with the damaging effects from the sun’s ultraviolet rays caused the distribution of melanin to become inhomogeneous, hence localising in certain areas. This facial concentrate with Chromabright and Bearberry Leaf Extract inhibits the melanocytes, hence diminishing spots and discolorations that results in a radiant and uniform skin tone.

Key Ingredients (Paraben-free):


Advanced peptides that create an intense de-pigmentation effect by intervening melanin synthesis.

Gayuba Oil:

Extracted from the Bear’s Grape that has powerful de-pigmentation effects. In addition, it acts as a carrier for Chromabright which is only soluble in oil.

Kojic Acid Palmitate:

Contrary to Kojic Acid, palmitate does not oxidise even when it is under light and heat, hence preserving the depigmentation effect.


Diminish spots and discolouration to bring upon a radiant and uniform skin tone.

Skin Types:



Apply evenly over the face and neck as and when required