Understanding your skin type

Understanding your skin type:


  • Normal

Lucky you! Your skin is healthy and pretty much flawless. Remember to keep up a good skincare regime to maintain that porcelain-perfect complexion, the eye of envy of many!

  • Oily

Oily skin is a result of an overproduction of the sebaceous gland under the skin. When oil and dirt gets trapped under the skin, pimples or comedones are formed. However, contrary to popular belief, oily skin needs moisturizing too! Use an oil-free moisturizer so as not to clog enlarged pores. Additionally, Fresver Beauty’s S+ Balance Facial is great as a monthly maintenance for a through cleansing of your skin. This treatment effectively dramatically lightens post-acne marks and removes congestions painlessly, resulting in fresh and clear skin!

  • Dry

If your face often feels tight or flakey you probably have dry skin! Dry skin could be caused by numerous factors including hormonal changes, age, weather, or habits such as hot showers and sauna. Remember to exfoliate well before applying skincare to aid better absorption and ensure that nutrients and moisture penetrates deeply and is locked into the skin! It is also advisable to use an intensive weekly mask like S+ Glacier+ Hydration for the extra boost of moisture!

  • Combination

Those with combination skin often find themselves stuck in the ‘worst of both worlds’. With both oily (usually around the T-zone area) and dry skin (cheek area), it seems difficult to satisfy the needs of both sides of the skin! Good news: There is hope! We recommend using a gel-based moisturizer like S+ Hydro Balance for the whole face, then adding on facial oils to the cheeks for that extra boost of hydration!

  • Sensitive

Those with sensitive skin frequently find their skin red, blotchy, itchy or plain irritated. This is due to the breakdown of the skin’s natural barrier, making it extra susceptible to the harmful environment. A lack of sufficient moisture often causes such conditions to worsen; hence it is important to keep skin hydrated and healthy! Try out Fresver’s S+ Cryoboost Glacier Facial! An ultra calming facial best suited for sensitive or irritated skin, this facial treatment promises to leave your skin soothed, refreshed and hydrated from inside out! Look out for hydrating skincare products like the S+ Glacier Line that help repair the natural barrier of your skin to ensure minimal reaction and maximum results!