Taking care of your skin after festive partying

Taking care of your skin after festive partying

Drink more water! We all know how fast alcohol evaporates. Now imagine how much moisture is lost from your body when you’re drinking it! Dehydration causes skin to appear dull and flakey and makes skin more sensitive to environmental damages. Therefore, it is always important to remember to rehydrate after a night out partying!

Cleanse thoroughly before bed. Wearing makeup for a prolonged period of time could clog pores. Makeup also attracts free radicals from the environment which free causes collagen breakdown. This leads to accelerated aging in skin – that means more wrinkles and sagging! Fresver’s S+ Cleansing Milk gently removes all traces of grim and makeup effectively while simultaneously hydrating your skin making it a great after-party choice.

Apply a soothing moisturizer or serum. A series of night outs during this festive period could be extremely stressful for your skin. Applying a soothing moisturizer such as our S+ Glacier Hydration+ that contains liposomal glacier and hyaluronic acid will rehydrate your skin and help sooth inflammation. The ceramide content in this product will also restore the natural lipid barriers of the skin, thus helping to lock in moisture.

Exfoliate. Exfoliating is the best way to get rid of dull looking alcohol-damaged skin cells and reveal fresher, younger looking skin! Exfoliating at night instead of the morning doubles up as a safety measure ensuring that all traces of stubborn grime or makeup is removed, and preps the skin to receive active ingredients from products too. We highly recommend one of our signature products – the S+ Triphase scrub which contains aloe vera extract to soothe skin and deep sea pearl extract for the extra burst of brightening!

Re-energize your skin with a Facial. Think of facials as an intensive treatment that helps replenish moisture in your skin deep beneath the surface layer. The content of active ingredients in a single sheet of S+ Biocellulose Mask used in Fresver Beauty’s Mycode Deluxe Facial is equivalent to an entire jar of moisturizer! Coupled with advanced, these active ingredients reach the dermis layers and offer immediate and prominent results!