Taking care of sensitive skin


  1. Use Products that are specially formulated for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin can be extra finicky and the wrong products could trigger an angry reaction. Look out for products that are “hypoallergenic” and “fragrance free” to reduce the likelihood of triggering a reaction. If you can’t give up your scents, look for products that use natural ingredients such as essential oils as fragrance.


  1. Remember to moisturize

While it is good to keep skincare for sensitive skin relatively simple, moisturizer is one essential step that you must never miss. A lack of moisture in dry skin causes the natural skin barriers to weaken. As a result, skin becomes even more susceptible to environmental changes. Ensuring that your skin is well-hydrated gives it an immunity boost to fight skin sensitivity! Opt for Fresver’s S+ Glacier Hydration which features dual action hydration! Using both small and large molecules of hyaluronic acid, skin is hydrated from deep under the dermis layer with the micro molecules while the large ones help to seal and prevent moisture loss!


  1. Repair protective barrier

Most often, skin becomes sensitive as a result of a damaged protective barrier that functions to keep dirt and other irritants at bay. Therefore it is important to keep this protective barrier in optimal condition to prevent skin irritations. Facials such as Fresver Beauty’s Glacier Dew Facial (Promotion found here: http://fresver.com.sg/sglaciar-promo/) is excellent for that! Using microsonic technology coupled with premium products, cell regeneration and repair is stimulated for healthy skin that glows!