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BDS Face Treatment

Beauty Derma Stimulation (BDS) Treatment is an advanced, safe and non-invasive treatment that uses purely mechanical method. It utilizes a unique mechanism to stimulate the epidermis. The mechanism consists of an applicator with special carrier plates that have specifically arranged micro tips that make the treatment non-invasive. Besides accelerating the penetration speed, the special form of the micro tips also helps in instant and intense transportation of highly concentrated active agents into the skin to improve its overall quality.The mechanical stimulation process facilitates microcirculation, thus reactivating and normalizing your skin functions to bring about a firmer, younger and rejuvenated countenance. 

Advantages of BDS Treatment

  • Technology from Germany
  • Safe and non-invasive
  • Fast and effective
  • No downtime
  • Approximately 100,000 micro stimulation per 10 minutes
  • Helps in the speed and intensity of product penetration
  • Suitable for application on face, shoulder, neck, eyes and lip

Skin Benefits

  • Refines facial pores
  • Lightens acne scars and spots caused by sun damage
  • Reduces breakouts
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves dehydrated or sensitive skin conditions
  • Activates the skin production of elastin and collagen
  • Improves the skin elasticity for a more defined facial contour
  • Stimulates and reactivates skin functions 
  • Gives a radiance boost to dull and enervate skin
  • Evens out overall skin tone
  • Rejuvenates skin by accelerating cell mitosis
  • Improves skin immunity by strengthening weak connective tissues