“As per my monthly facial care routine, I visited Fresver Beauty for a Facial Treatment. As my skin was particularly sensitive that day, my therapist recommend that I refrain from doing any machine treatments and instead opt for a natural 100% hands work facial (TLC). Upon completing my facial, I was pleasantly surprised! My skin was even more glowy and radiant than usual! All without the use of advanced technology or expensive products!

-Review by a satisfied customer of Fresver Beauty


Unvealing the great mystery:

What is so special about the TLC Facial? Well, this treatment consists of a specialized lymphatic drainage massage technique developed by Fresver’s CEO herself! A lymphatic drainage massage addresses the lymph nodes in the body through your face, which then helps remove toxins found in the body. As a majority of vessels are found under the skin near the jaw, massage stimulates these vessels and encourages them to eradicate toxins more effectively through increased circulation.

The Signature TLC facial cost just $39 Nett for a first time trial! For more information, call 6100 0255 now!