Lash Extension

Fresver Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent eyelashes attached to each natural lash individually, to create beautiful looking lashes that draw focus to eyes. At Fresver, each individual strand of ultra-soft extension is carefully attached to a single real lash using 100% safe and professional lash glue that does not damage your real lashes. Our highly trained and experienced lash specialist specially customises each set of extensions with lashes of different length, thickness and curl type to meet the various needs of customer. With proper care and maintenance, lash extensions can last up a month and beyond.

3D & 6D Lash Extensions

This premium service uses ultra lightweight and fine lashes. As a result, we are able to attach 3 to 6 extension lashes to a single real lash without causing damage. This creates a more voluminous and dramatic effect. It is ideal for ladies who have very sparse lashes or prefer thick, fluttery lashes with eyeliner effect.