Happy Mood = Happy Skin?

Did you know that your mood could be the reason for breakouts, wrinkles and a dull complexion?

Here are 5 moods and their effects on your skin!



We often frown involuntarily when we are troubled or angry. But did you know that this is extremely bad for you skin? Frowning causes premature wrinkles and loosens facial muscles with consistent tension. Additionally, holding anger in leads to additional stress, which in turn causes hormonal imbalance. Hormonal acne and other skin issues that result from stress (refer to point 4) occurs as result.



Excessive crying from prolonged depression may also lead to dehydrated skin as your body loses essential moisture and the salt from your tears dry out skin’s surface.  Tugging at the delicate eye area when you cry also causes fine lines and premature wrinkles to form.  Sleepless nights from feeling low also means that your skin cells get insufficient time to rest, repair and regenerate, resulting in a dull, lifeless complexion. Chins up for beauty’s sake!



When we feel embarrassed, organic structure of our skin cells weakens and enzyme production rates are altered. Additionally, blood vessels swell up, inhibiting blood circulation. This causes cells to be deprived of oxygen and essential nutrients, and slows down regeneration and repair. As a result, skin is dull and damaged.



When you’re feeling down and stressed, you body increases the production level of cortisol. An over production of this hormone causes hair loss and skin pigmentation. It also causes your skin to increase oil production which results in more clogged pores and acne formation. According to medical studies, stress causes DNA sections called telomeres to shorten, causing cells to die or become damaged.  Collagen production is inhibited and skin becomes weaker and thinner.



When you are happy, so is your skin! Feeling relaxed and well-rested gives your skin cells sufficient time to regenerate and repair themselves. There is less tension in your facial muscles meaning premature wrinkles are less likely to form too! We eat better when we are happy – that means more nutrients and water for great skin!