Whitening face cream which acts on the lack of skin tone uniformity. Controls the appearance of dark spots and areas, bringing a brighter and more radiant appearance back to your skin. For high and very high sun prevention and protection.

Key Ingredients (Paraben-free):

Musk Rose oil: Important action in the regulation of skin elasticity and in re-establishing moisture levels.Stabilises the barrier function.

Cromabright: Depigmenting active agent that inhibits the action of tyrosinase. Does not increase the size of the melanocytes. And it has a preventive function against UV radiation.

Hygroplex: Re-establishes and keeps the natural hydration factors in top condition, fixing the water in the corneal layer.

Bellides: Lightening active agent. Reduces melanin activity, making hyperpigmentation less visible.

Axolight: Whitening active agent. Acts directly on the process of melanogenesis, focusing on one of the main enzymes precursors to melanin formation.