Beauty tips for Singapore’s weather!

  • Keep it Light

Don’t you just hate the sticky feeling on your face left behind by certain skincare products? Couple with a few drops of perspiration, your face becomes a smudgey, slimy mess! Fresver advice: Opt for an intensive serum + light gel based moisturizer instead of a rich cream – we particularly recommend S+ Hydro repairer serum and S+ Glacier Hydration. The smaller molecules in the serum ensure that the product is absorbed quickly and gets to work immediately! Layer on a coat of our best-selling S+ gel-based Sunblock, skin is ready for the day with no residue or left on the skin surface. Skin feels hydrated, clean and refreshed!


  • Ice cube aloe Vera to soothe skin

A refreshing skin treat that soothes and cools at the same time! Freezing Aloe Vera and popping a cube or two out whenever you need makes this a convenient skin treat after outdoor play or a tiring afternoon out in the sun. Aloe Vera also has calming and healing properties that repairs environmental and UV damages making it best for Sunny Singapore! For an alternative, try out Fresver’s Cryoboost Facial Treatment! Using a cryosonic cooling plate along with our specialized soothing gel containing Aloe Vera as its key ingredient, this treatment delivers 10 times the results in an instant, without the hassle of freezing aloe ice cubes!


  • Frizz-free hair

Singapore’s humid weather is not your friend. It causes hair to frizz up, droop, fall flat, and become more susceptible to damage. Tame it by using a hair serum containing natural oils such as Argan oil to give it a moisture boost without weighing hair down.


  • Soothe a heat rash

Chilled chamomile tea bags are great for calming heat rash! Steep a bag of tea to enjoy, then place the leftover tea bag in the freezer for approx 30 mins. Thereafter, place the chilled tea bag on your rash and let the calming effects of the herbs do its job!