4 common makeup mishaps!

Skipping Prep

Should moisturize and prep skin before applying makeup to ensure a smooth application and for it to last longer. Products like S+ Dress in Silk from the latest In One’s Pocket range, a 2-in-1 moisturizer and primer that can help your skin stay hydrated, smooth out the texture, and keep your foundation from settling into creases!

Applying too much blush

Never go heavy-handed with blush or you’d end up looking like you have rosacne (a skin condition you DON’T want to have). Tip: Change up your usual look by applying blush to a different area of your cheeks! A candy pink on the apples give you a sweet doll-like charm while a light handed sweep of dark burgundy just above the hollows help contour and give you a sexy vibe!

Racoon eyes

Swap dark shadows for lighter ones to give a fresher look and minimize smudges. Cover up dark circles with conceal, then powder the under eye area to set conceal and absorb excess oils that cause eyeliner smudges. Or for a permanent fix, treat yourself to a Gua Sha Eye Treatment at Fresver Beauty. This treatment stimulates the lymphatic drainage around the eye area to reduce eye bags and dark circles! No need for any concealer and still look bright-eyed and fresh-faced.

Too much sparkle

Sparkly shadows? Shimmery highlighters? Glitter lip gloss? While the dewy skin look is currently in-trend, too much shine on your face could cause it to end up looking unnatural or oily! Skip all the trouble by having naturally healthy skin that glows! With Fresver Beauty’s OxyGeneo 3-in-1 Super Facial skin is plumped, hydrated and star-bright without having to cake on the makeup!